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December 9, 2006
5:30 PM

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Goldie will be there!


Bake Sale


Most folks from Minnesota know how these go! Get your favorite recipe, get the family in the kitchen and get baking! Do make whatever you think others would like to buy and eat for themselves. Chocolate covered ants might be left for another day...we're looking for your Best!

If you're making cookies or other small items then please package them in Zip-Lock baggies to keep them fresh and to keep the crumbs off the floors. Thank you!

There will be two prices...$5 for the medium sized bags and $10 for the big stuff like cakes or pies or other wonderful creations y'all are dreaming of at the moment.

There are no restrictions on what you can make. Some of the best items we might just send over to the silent auction, so get creative. Remember, someone else will be purchasing, and transporting and eating your stuff, just keep that in mind.

We do ask that you wait until you've left the building before digging into the goodies.

**Please label your items: What is it, what are the ingredients (alergies donchknow), any special instructions.**

You can drop off your baked/prepared yummy goodness at the Church any time after 1:00PM. Just bring your stuff to the main entrance and someone will be there to help with any auction and/or bake sale items.




If you would like to help out with the Bake Sale portion of the night please contact Karen Madsen at Phone: 612-869-0920

We need people to handle the food items, set up, clean up, and help out.

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