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December 9, 2006
5:30 PM

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Goldie will be there!




Matt Kalin

Matt will be playing music later in the evening after dinner and this should be a treat for everyone. This'll be a real casual, low-key, cozy performance. We're sure you'll enjoy Matt's music

Matt is a multi-intrumentalist with formal training in classical and jazz piano who also loves playing the Hammond organ and the Rhodes electric piano. he is a self-taught guitarist, bassist, and percussionist. matt played the french horn in middle school... but now leaves the horns to professionals.

Matt performs regularly in the Twin Cities with jazz, blues, and rock bands.

Matt gives solo shows at schools, bookstores, and community centers in support of his children's album.

He can also be seen in performance with the Jacques Place House Band.

Mike DeGeorgeo
Mike will be playing piano during the spaghetti dinner. Mike's been playing piano for years all over the place performing to his adoring fans like us. He's the guy who played piano at our wedding! Mike'll certainly put you in the perfect mood for a great night.

Special Appearance by Goldie!

We lucked out. Everyone's favorite Minnesota rodent, Goldie Gopher will be visiting the party at about 6:30. But first Goldie will be heading down to the hospital to visit Josie! How lucky is she to have the Big Guy come hang out with her.

Make sure you bring your camera for this great opportunity to see and high-five Goldie. Your kids'll think you're the Hero for arranging Goldie to come visit them. You might also want to get a sitting with Goldie with Kris Duryea while she's doing her portraits.

Go Gophers!


Talk about lucking out with Goldie...the kids are REALLY going to flip about this, perhaps literally. Mike Edberg from Action Inflatables Mega Events in Mendota Heights, Minnesota is providing some awesome bouncy things for the day. This is going to be so cool!

First is a 4-in-1 bounce house with a mini climbing stair wall, mini slide, and a collapsible basketball hoop on the outside!

The biggie is the Adrenaline Rush; an obstacle course that consists of 3 pieces that can be 1 giant obstacle course or broken into 3 separate rentals. This includes a crawling tube, small climbing wall, small slide, blocking dummies (foam pillars), large climbing wall, and a giant slide. On this one the adults may want to send the kids somewhere else so we can play on this bad boy!

If you would like to help out with the entertainment portion of the night please contact Lynn Shadle Gabriel at - 952-443-2626
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