Tuesday, November 27, 2007

11/27 Steady Progress

First thing first…I apologize for not posting more frequently than I have. I know many of you check Josie’s site daily looking for more news and updates. I’ll work to get these posts up on a weekly basis moving forward…and thanks for reading and all your continued support for Josie and our family. It means a lot to know you’re out there thinking of her during her recovery.

Three weeks have passed. Thanksgiving has come and gone. The Holiday season is upon us. The weather has REALLY changed (4°F this morning – yikes!). And Josie’s hangin’ in. Not a lot of change in her condition these days to speak of.

Josie’s skin problems have simmered down quite a bit, and that’s really great. Shortly after having her PICC line removed much of the bad things which were clearly brewing seemed to have stopped in their tracks, pretty much. Her skin has calmed (but not totally stopped) and her fevers have become less frequent and less extreme too. Her vomiting still happens but less and less frequent.

Life for this little girl has become much more routine now rather than one of crisis management. I, for one, prefer the former. We’re still struggling with her nutrition battle, though. Every single night she’s hooked up to a feed bag with a liter of overpriced, unflavored Nestle Peptamen Junior…a bargain at only 32 little dollars a day. Josie’s feeding tube, of course, is still in place and will be for a long time to come (the good news is that Deb and I have managed to go three months without yanking that thing out of her…we’re going for a record…we’re about due for another yankage). The good news is that Josie’s appetite is growing. It’s growing real slow-like, but growing. I think time’ll cure Josie’s eating issues and she’ll learn and reprogram that brain of hers that food is indeed tasty, and kind of a necessity….but for now we’re just maneuvering along down her trail of eating challenges and making some steady and unhurried progress as we go.

Thanksgiving was wonderful. We all were in the Brainerd area (Nisswa, MN) visiting with Deb’s family. The classic Thanksgiving dinner was awesome, and all the kids (Josie included) were able to shake hands with the bird before we devoured it. Nothing but fun around here. It was a far better Thanksgiving this year than last, that’s for sure.

And now that the weather has dramatically turned wintery and we’re in skating rink and hockey mode. Our front-yard skating rink is all set up and ready to fill. Hopefully by this time next week Josie will have been able to get out there and skate on her own. I would have been skeptical about that idea sitting in the Intensive Care Unit one year ago…but here we are travelling on that solid Recovery Interstate. Things are pretty good around here.


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