Wednesday, October 24, 2007

10/24 Septic

The results from Josie’s blood culture came back yesterday with gram negative rods…and that means there’s bacteria in her blood. This could have been very bad. The good news is that now she has lots of antibiotics swimming around in her system now, hopefully taking its toll on the bugs. Later today we’ll likely learn which bacteria is in there as it takes a couple days to speciate the critters and then we’ll know if the docs selected the correct antibiotic for the problem. She’s been on Vancomycin, her favorite, since Monday which is a high-powered antibiotic having great coverage which usually takes out lots of nasty microbes. The better news is that she’s been fever-free for the last 24 hours at least and had some good rest last night for the first time in five days or so. I’d say things are looking good with this latest challenge so far.

She’s back at Dr. Vehe’s office this morning for another visit. After his examination and lots of head shaking and frustrated brow frowning, we should have a new plan of attack for her skin problems. Who knows what it’ll be, but it seems pretty clear that aggression might be on the forefront, for the short-term at least.


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