Monday, October 22, 2007

10/22 Temporarily Back in the Hospital

The last few days have been kind of a drag. Henry (Josie’s big brother) came down with some kind bad bug last week, actually keeping him out of school for the first time in his life. Well, it appears that Josie has contracted whatever he has/had (maybe) has been sick as a dog these last three or four days. Usually the bug rears its ugly head at night and then calms down during the day. Her temperature has spiked at around 103.5° each of the previous three overnights, and the icing on that cake was the accompanying full-coverage vomit. That would be vomit in the hair, on the sheets, all over the body, on the pillow – unannounced and disgusting – yuck! Usually a dose of ibuprofen takes care of the fever, bringing it down nicely.

Yesterday Josie was feeling better…back to he spunky self. This was good, and no signs of trouble. She went to bed, then at about 1:00 AM she woke up vomiting…again…with a fever of 103.2°. Since this has become routine as of late, a little ibuprofen and a little sponge bath (we’d deal with the laundry in the AM) and that was that, we thought.

At about 5:30 AM she was awake again with another barf-bout and a fever at 104.5°…too high for our comfort, especially after so many nights with a high temp. We gave some Tylenol and another hour. If there was no break then we’d take her in. At 7:00 her temp was down a little bit to 103.2° – OK but not good enough – so we made the call to her trusty GI doc down at the University of Minnesota Hospital. He said that we should bring her in for some blood cultures and that there was likely some kind of infection in there deep.

Deb took Josie in to the Emergency Room right away where she was processed (paperwork never seems to end, ya know?). They took some blood from a fresh poke (Josie’s so awesome at taking needles…not even a flinch as she watched the tech drive in a thick needle into her arm…impressive) which’ll be down at the lab growing for the next few days while they look for bugs. The antibiotics will be mixed up and administered here this morning and then she should be discharged by afternoon.

So this is probably no big whoop in the grand scheme of things, but a teensy bit of an anxious moment for us.

As for Josie’s skin…not so good. She’s developing more areas of disease activity so later this week she sees Dr. Vehe, and he’ll no doubt be grumpy about it. That means we’ll likely be changing things up quite a bit to get a little more aggressive against the new skin action.

On the bright side, she’s been climbing up one stair without hanging on to anything…up and down without assistance. This is indeed progress worth noting.


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