Saturday, June 30, 2007

6/29 Steady Progress

There were a few doctor’s visits this week after Josie’s fever spike earlier in the week. All is well and the fever’s stopped. She’s still on the big-time antibiotics which were started as a precaution. Perhaps they were what broke the fever but it had already come down before those big guns were started. We’re just happy she’s feeling better.

One thing which is not a problem is getting her up and about. She’s demanding to get up and walk…almost to the point of contention. -- The other day we all headed off to Target for…you know…the normal Target gear, and Josie refused to be carried from the car to the store, then refused to get in the shopping-cart seat. She insisted – and I mean INSISTED – on walking.

Ya ever get the feeling that people are watching – no, staring is more appropriate – at you when you or someone near you is shouting at the top of their lungs. I can hear the chatter in their minds as they glance sideways at this family headed down the isle with one of ‘em screaming bloody murder until she gets what she wants. See, that’s a problem we’re running into with Josie. What Josie wants, Josie usually get because she has the unyielding determination of no one I’ve ever met in my life…exponentially more determined. She wears us down until there’s nothing we can do but allow her what she wants. Sounds fairly easy to stay firm, stiffen that back, make her understand that her unacceptable behavior is totally unacceptable! Sounds easy until you’re 90 minutes into a tirade because the spoon you’ve provided is not small enough, or the color of the cup is not the green one or any of the other 10 bejillion ridiculous reasons which cause Josie to lose her mind…but I digress.

Josie’s strength is getting so much better. This week at one of Trip’s soccer games Josie must have walked here and there and everywhere. I would guess that she walked at least a mile that evening…no kidding. She’s getting up off the ground and floor on her own many times a day with no problems…a little slow and slightly shaky, but gaining confidence all the time. She’s even found a good way to get up and down a couple stairs at a time – certainly not walking up them, but getting up and down them without help.

We’ve turned up her feeding rate so she can get all her daily food in much less time than before. This means that she can be unhooked and free more often than before. She likes that idea.

Her skin is still not the greatest. It’s not into a full-blown flare up, but it’s not what we want to see either. There are the same trouble spots under her arms and shoulders. Her fingernail fold capillaries are showing signs of inflammation still too. The Remicade she has on board is working, but not to the degree we remember from late last summer. Oh well. We’ll keep pressing and things should work themselves out, right?

Tomorrow we’re off for a week of fun at the family resort we’ve been visiting for the last couple years…Fairhills Resort on beautiful Pelican Lake near Detroit Lakes in northwest Minnesota. Everyone’s excited for a week off. We just have to be careful and make certain Josie gets that sunscreen on and finds the shade.


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