Monday, June 25, 2007

6/25 Trouble Might be Brewing

After a few days of the Remicade at work Josie’s skin seems better, but still it has not reduced the redness much in her face, although generally speaking she looks well. Things were going pretty darn good until yesterday when she spiked a little fever at 102°. No big woop…a little Tylenol and she’s good to go. After the doses wore off the fever kept coming back, and with it came the vomits too. This morning she really shot up to 103.9° which is just a bit out of our comfort range so we put in a call to the our favorite GI Doc down at the University. He gave us a ring back and said she should have a battery or tests done and she should also get started on the heavy-duty antibiotics of Vancomycin and Ceftriaxone for at least the next week…can’t be too careful when a fever hits while on Remicade. Normally they’d issue orders for someone like Josie to head straight to the hospital, but Josie’s history is such that they’re comfy with Josie staying put and the tests and drugs taken and administered here at home…and we like that just fine.

The home health folks stopped by with our arsenal of medicine grenades and she took a few vials of blood for all the tests, which we’ll get the numbers on tomorrow. Wonder what’s happening in there.

So the excitement around here continues.


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