Adams Ice Rink 06-07

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

1/16 Nothing But Fun

Trip and his buddy playing hardIt's been cold and the gang has been enjoying the rink a lot over the last few days.

We had about five inches of snow the other day and the slush/water problem is still a little bit of a problem. The slush froze up good and hard. Now I've got a corner which has lots of bumps and ice chipping away...what they call shell ice.

Other than that the rest is really nice. No problems like last year. We're in gooooooood shape. The kids have been spending hours each day out there...even though it's been so cold, they think it's great. And it is! They can go out for just five or 10 minutes and then get back in the house to warm up -- that's perfect.

Now all I need to do is get out there and take care of the corner and do a little resurfacing.


  • SWEET!
    Since I'm a silly Dreamweaver webgal, I don't know what the tags do...not sure if I can send a photo with this note, but I'll try. Our rink is great too! Next year we'll need some coaching on the tree issue. Our rink could be HUGE except for the beautiful maple tree in the yard. With December being so unseasonably warm we had to be patient and wait out the Minnesota freeze! Hockey and neighborhood kids are here all the time. Last night our three year old next door neighbor was out skating and having a blast learning how to skate with the big dog "THOR". It is fun to watch!
    Jill has done a great job and we all take turns flooding it when the rink attendent says it's good weather for flooding!
    The kids are getting better at shoveling after skating but finding those 30 lost pucks is another story! Perhaps pucks with beepers would work!
    Keep up the great ice!

    By Kris, at 1:51 PM  

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