Adams Ice Rink 06-07

Sunday, January 14, 2007

1/14 Snow and Skating

From across the wayGot out there myself for the first time tonight....but it was to shovel off the three inches of new snow which fell this afternoon. Problem was that with such a fresh rink the weight of the snow on the relatively thin sheet of ice has pushed it down forcing up the water below in a corner. Makes for some good slush and potential trouble.

Earlier today Trip Henry and Evie were out there skating away even though they all had hockey today with their teams.

Should get about six inches total.

Trouble brewing?


  • Congrats on the first skate!

    I too had that same problem with the snow pushing the ice down, forcing the water up along the edges. I made the mistake of only shovelling 1/2 of the snow/slush off - which caused me weeks of trying to get ride of the ridges that develloped between the two layers. So either shovel it all, or shovel none of it, is how I'd do it again! :D


    By bigswedeman, at 6:20 AM  

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