Adams Ice Rink 06-07

Saturday, January 13, 2007

1/13 First Skate of the Year

After just 36 hours of freezing the rink was ready to go for the kids tonight. I stepped on the ice for a short time and it's probably OK but I'll give it another day just in case. There's about two inches of ice on top which seems plenty strong. Evie, Henry and Trip were out there skating away tonight under the lights. Warms a man's heart to see them enjoying it.

The rink is in fine shape. There are a couple very small leaks, probably from cat cats chewing on the liner. I patched about 40 little holes in the plastic when I made the collar for the tree. The bracing system I put in this year is a winner. The full height boards are working super good and there's no sign of failure anywhere. This is all good...especially after all the disasters from the previous only took four seasons and seven tries to get it right (three times the first year after two total blowouts, one time the second year when I lucked out with my bad design, two times last year after getting cocky and creating a disaster, and this one).

It only took about 30 hours to get it set up...and that sounds like a lot...and it is but now that we've got ice and some cold temps it looks like at least seven or eight weeks of great skating for the kids is in store. Better late than never.


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