Adams Ice Rink 06-07

Friday, November 24, 2006

11/24 It's underway

We emptied out the garage this afternoon and got started on this year's version of our famous annual time-sink. The Rink!

Henry and I hauled everything out...checked it over and were in a little disbelief that there were so many parts. All the stakes, and the nails, and to boards, and the braces (including all the ones I DIDN'T use last time), the lights, the concrete bases...everything.

Last year I stored all the side boards up and down in the garage only to find that they had totally twisted over the summer which made it super hard to get straight sides. Last spring I laid the boards flat for storage and put the most twisted boards at the bottom and stacked everything on top in hopes that it would straighted out over the summer. It worked and the worst twists were now straight..lesson learned.

I only got about 1/3 of the boards up so far for about 3 ½ hours work.

More to come


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