Back Yard Maple Syrup '06

This is our third year making maple syrup from the three trees in our yard. Here's a blog detailing this spring's adventure.

Monday, March 27, 2006

3/27 Finally Caught Up

I didn't think it would happen this year, but I finally got all caught up yesterday. The fire was started at 9:15AM and we pretty much cooked away all day. Trip had two hockey games so before leaving for the first at 10:30 I stoked up the fire nicely. When we got back the fire was way low but east to stoke back up again. Then we were off for game two at 3:45. Upon our 5:30 return I fired it back to life and kept boiling all night until 10:30 when it was good enough to strain and bring in.

The sap is running slow. Today it got up to 48° and they were running nice until mid-afternoon when they just stopped. Emptied everything and there is now no sap anywhere> It's all cooked! The forecast is calling for above freezing temps over the next few that means the run may be coming to a close for this season.

I had a tree service come and deliver a cord of firewood dumped in the driveway. A huge pile of wood. It took a couple hours to stack it all up. We of course had a nice fire inside, so that'll last us a couple years.


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