Back Yard Maple Syrup '05

This is our second go for making maple syrup from the three trees in our yard. Here's a blog detailing this spring's adventure.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

A Little Concerned

What a beautiful day. Sunny and 38°. The sun is out and high in the sky with light winds. We had a great snowball fight today with Trip and Mom getting the worst of it all. Fun.

I went to the store and got the correct sized drill bit and re-drilled the holes and re-seated the taps. I wrapped the all in teflon tape to try to correct the big-dummy move from yesterday...time will tell on that.

I ordered a couple more spiles and covers which were shipped on Friday...they should arrive today or tomorrow. My neighbor said we could tap their tree, so we'll get over tomorrow and do that.

Concerned because it's the second day in a row of good weather and only one tap seems to be running. It's already mid season and the flow seems a bit slow. The tap on the small tree is completely dry. Got a couple drips when we tapped it yesterday, but nothing today.

I'd guess we got a quart from our front-yard tap and a cup from one back yard, just drops from the other with the last dry. Tomorrow should be telling.


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