Monday, March 21, 2005

Just like that...It's over

We had a great run this winter and now it's done. The rink is melting fast and furious. We skated for the last time about a week ago and then it snowed 5" on Friday. I shoveled to heavy snow off with hope the gang would want to skate again, but it was simply an exercise session for me as no one wanted to skate over the weekend. With yesterday's 40°F and bright sun, it pretty much toasted the rink. We've had warmer temps but the sun is really high now and that's the real killer.

So we had a great season on the rink. We skated about 2 out of three days it was skatable the whole winter. There was a week when it was brutally cold, and then the week when it got super hat with record heat in the 50s which left us in the skating lurch for about five days while I was resurrecting the thing. Most of the later half of Feb and early March was good.

Next year I'll do a bit more tracking of days and use. I think that'd be kind of fun to see how much it did or didn't get used.

It's great all the kids got out and skated. Evie became very good, Josie was out and on skates moving around and getting up on her own for the last two weeks. Henry just had fun and Trip was honing his stick-handling skills to give his dad a run next year. He's really improved over the span of the season.

So now we're off to the new project of maple syruping. We tapped our trees on Saturday and it's starting to run. Check out our syrup blog.


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