Back Yard Maple Syrup '05

This is our second go for making maple syrup from the three trees in our yard. Here's a blog detailing this spring's adventure.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

First Cooking Done!

The fire was started at about 7:00PM tonight and by 11:30 we were done. Seems like a long time to hassle over just THREE CUPS of syrup. But Boy oh boy is it good!

The back yard to totally muddy which has made a mess of things, but nothing we can't handle.

Cleaned out the kettle gathered up some fire wood and away we went. Took a while to warm up to a boil but then we were doin' well.

We started tonight with 7.2 gallons of sap and the prediction was for 2.9 cups of syrup.

Check out the other image and see how we did!

Not bad for an amateur!


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