Back Yard Maple Syrup '05

This is our second go for making maple syrup from the three trees in our yard. Here's a blog detailing this spring's adventure.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

All Taps Underway!

Trip and I went over to Bradley's yard last night at about 6:00PM and tapped his big silver maple. We put in two taps and the sap started flowing immediately.

Then I went in our back yard and checked out the small tree. Dry hole! No all. So I'm thinkin' 'ok...nice day, the other taps and trees are producing...but this one is's gotta be the hole' So I took out the tap and drilled another hole. -- Nothing -- Greeeeaaattt! So now I've got two holes in the smallest tree which appears to not have started running yet...I have to plug up one of the holes now. I think I'll use a wine cork...and leave that project for later today.

This morning I emptied the bags from the five producing taps and got about 2 gallons of sap from yesterday. Before leaving this morning at about 9:00 I put in the last tap on the silver maple in our front yard. So now we have seven taps going. Two on our front tree, two on the bigger back tree, one on the smaller back tree, and two on our neighbor's tree.

Should be another good running day.


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