Tuesday, January 25, 2005

What a Difference a Week Makes

After complaining about no snow and bitter cold this winter, this week happened. Last Friday we got blasted with 8.7" of snow. Getting it all off the rink was a task, but our friends from across the street came over with their snow blower and helped a lot. The good news is that I was not here to help out. I was off living my selfish life participating in a ski race while Deb and the kiddies dealt with the snow for 24 hours. All was good, the snow was cleared and the kids were skating away again.

I got out my newfangled ice resurfacer which has been working like a charm. This morning the ice was literally as smooth as glass, then it got warm out. 44°F this afternoon. I came home to standing water on the rink. All is well though, the temps are going to drop to normal again tomorrow and for the foreseeable future. Now we can get back into a good routine.


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