Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Man, It's Been Cold Out There

The deep freeze seems to be over for a day at least. The kids have NOT been doing their daily skating and I have NOT been doing my daily resurfacing due to the cold temps. The last five nights have been really chilly
and we've only been out one time in the last five days due to the cold...but
that'll all change today I think.

Here are the last five days' highs and lows.

Thu, January 13-10°F25°F
Fri, January 14-17°F-1°F
Sat, January 15-13°F1°F
Sun, January 16-11°F4°F
Mon, January 17-14°F3°F
Tue, January 18-6°F24°F

*Yes, this is air
temperature...no wind chills here!


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