Tuesday, December 21, 2004

It's filling up!

I took the liner outside tonight and put it in place. Seaming up the tree was trickier than I thought. The tape was not sticking at all. The temperature was about 30°F. So I went in and got my wife's hair drier to warm the plastic and tape up. This seemed to do the trick as the tape stuck much better.

Once the collar seam was done I up rolled out the entire plastic liner...all 2000 square feet of it. Once in place I got the hose, and with great trepidation I turned it on.

There wasn't a breath of wind when I seamed the tree in, but now at 12:45AM the wind is blowing and the temps are falling. 26°F right now with a few little flakes of snow. The forecast is calling for some bitter cold over the next few days so if it fills properly we should be skating by Christmas Eve.


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