Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Good News (and some bad)

Well my calculations were about right on. It took 19 1/2 hours to fill up the rink. Checking the water meter there are now some 9,500 gallons of water in there pressing on all sides of the liner and boards. The temperature is cold (-1°F) looking for a low of about -7°F tonight. This is the good news. Should be able to walk on it by tomorrow afternoon, Thursday for sure after -10°F tomorrow night.

The bad news is that the liner has a leak, and I suspect it's a bad part of the main seam. I'm seeing some light buildup of runoff water seeping out from under the rink. With this cold it just freezes, and I'm hopeful that four straight nights of below zero weather will freeze the rink down to the seam which is about half way down the slope of the yard and about 10" deep.

That's the way it goes I guess.


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