Friday, December 17, 2004

A First Entry for 2004-2005

This is the first entry of the rink blog for 2004-2005.

It's been a slow start to the ice rink season here in Minnesota. Usually things are good to go by December 1st, but this year has seen really warm conditions and temperatures which aren't so good for the type of rink we have in our front yard.

As of right now the frame walls are complete and reinforced, ready for the gap-reduction program. If that sounds confusing let me explain.

The flattest part of our property is the front yard (which isn't so flat), so that's where we have to build. Last year we made a rink 32'x24'. You can check that whole thing out on last year's blog. Last year's rink had a depth difference of 14" from the shallow end of the rink to the deep end.

This year we decided to expand the rink to be 46'x32'. So now the depth difference is a rather large 18" from shallow to deep.

Building the boards with this kind of terrain difference has its challenges. We have the outside boards up with the deep end boards propped up with bricks so the top of the boards is the same level throughout (I used a water level for this, and what a handy simple device that is). But at the deep end there is a gap of about 14" between the ground and the bottom of the 2x12 boards. I need to fill this gap if I'm to get the plastic barrier to hold the water.

Shallow End

Deep End

Also, I can't just put in a little water and freeze then put in more and freeze again because the shallow end will be exposed, and because we have dogs and kids and a neighborhood full of other kids the risk of puncture is too great so the whole thing must be filled at one time then set to freeze.

So, I basically have to build a large wading pool out of wood, screws, nails, plastic and lots of water.

So that's where we are.


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