Welcome to our California Vacation Picture web site!

A fantastic trip to beautiful California for a week with the whole Family.  Our trip spanned July 13 through the 20th, 2001.  Speaking of family, we spent lots of time with our long lost relatives from the west...the Hiblers.  Great time getting to know everyone.

This little site is our vacation in pictures.  If any of you saw our Maine Vacation Picture Page you undoubtedly know how this site is set up.  If not then you should get the hang of it without too much trouble.

The links on the left will take you to different parts of our vacation.  Each page has lots of thumbnail images, which link to a page with a larger picture.  On those pages you can click on the image or click the link at the bottom of the pages to enlarge the photo even further.

All pictures (including the background and buttons) were taken by my lovely wife Deb and me...and a couple from Trip, too. The pics look WAY better blown up...so at least check out the first link for each.

Some of the bigger pages are fairly large (100K to 200K) and may be slow to download on a dial-up modem...but the wait will be worth it in most cases. For those of you who have a fat pipe at work, (or at home) make sure to get to the big pics.

Here are some of my favorites so far... Let us know which ones are your favorite.  Hope y'all like it.

View of Half Dome from yosemite Falls (84863 bytes)

WF01Nevada500.jpg (101535 bytes)

18TripLunch500.jpg (30446 bytes) trees09big_two_Trip500.jpg (56215 bytes) Camp06Jack-ev2-500.jpg (68225 bytes) Camp17campfire500.jpg (37382 bytes) trees11Grizzly_alone500.jpg (65567 bytes) Trip and Henry in the Ahwahnee  Hotel (57940 bytes) Trip and Dad in the River (52746 bytes) YoA52EvieMomLog1k.jpg (84724 bytes) 42HenSunset500.jpg (39213 bytes) Camp27GrampaRock500.jpg (47268 bytes) YoB09MomKidsHalfdome500.jpg (67030 bytes) YoA29Meadow500.jpg (86835 bytes) YoA38TripHenMerced500.jpg (110394 bytes)